Hassle-free Event Planning

If there’s anything all event planners agree on, it’s the fact that there is an incredible amount of things that factor into a successful event.

First, there’s the content of the event. That’s the fun part. Second, and not so fun, are all those constraints, rules, laws and policies that are involved in organizing a gathering of a large number of people.

International event planners need to be aware of these specific rules and laws – which can be a headache-inducing experience. This is where the Dutch Venue Association (DVA) comes in.

The DVA is a collaboration of a large group of Dutch venues who have joined forces to make sure that you, international event planner looking to plan an event in the Netherlands, may rest easy. All members of the DVA offer you Seven Guarantees in order to provide you with a hassle-free event planning experience in the Netherlands. So you can focus on the fun part!