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Delicious Places for Private Dining.

Looking for places to take the team out for a nice private dinner in Rotterdam? There are plenty of excellent options to choose from - and although Rotterdam is a port city, we also found some places that serve more than fish.


Ideally situated along the New Meuse, the Zalmhuis (Salmon House) has long been a well-known restaurant in Rotterdam. It has a special history. The Zalmhuis is located at a place where for many years fish was sold on the fish market. It is only fitting that, today, the best salmon is served at that very same location. And in a replica of a historical pavilion, the Zalmhuis stays true to its history. Inside, a wonderful, luxurious decor forms the perfect backdrop for intimate private dining and other small-scale events. And yes, they serve more than salmon.


The outdoor area at Leefgoed de Olifant (Elephant Habitat) was formerly a brickworks. Clay was collected from the IJssel, a distributary of the Rhine, and then made into ‘IJssel bricks’. For centuries, this was a popular and well-known Dutch style of bricks. Today, the site is home to an event venue with a wide range of possibilities. A sculpture park in summer times, cultural events, and several meeting rooms are available for your meeting. At the heart of it all lies De Kas (The Greenhouse), which is a perfect place for private dining in a unique setting, surrounded by nature. To avoid disappointments, please note there are not any actual elephants here.


Residing in one of the best preserved historical buildings of Rotterdam, IDRW’s history dates back to 1597. For centuries, the inn has commonly been referred to as ‘the refreshment room’. Though the building was moved to a new location in 1959, many of its historical elements were preserved. The tile flooring, the Delft blue tiles and the collapsed roof are all testament to its rich history. The perfect place for an intimate private dinner with a classy and authentic ambiance.


Just outside the hustle and bustle of the city of Rotterdam lies Lake House Rotterdam, a wonderful and serene pavilion surrounded by water and forest - and still within easy reach from the city. The warm and stylish ambiance with many wood elements fits the surroundings perfectly and the glass facade ensures the interior and exterior blend seamlessly. This is the perfect place to take the team away from the busy city life and spend some quality time during a private dinner.


Right in the middle of a Rotterdam city park, this restaurant is inspired by the famous Boathouse Café in Central Park, New York. The 100-year old villa provides a welcoming and relaxing ambiance with a terrace and park view to boot. The restaurant offers outstanding dishes which can be perfectly combined with the finest wines or cocktails. Visiting The Harbour Club will garantuee pure and intense enjoyment. Come here to unwind and enjoy excellent food and a wonderful ambiance. Your team is sure to feel rejuvenated when leaving again.


If barbecue and tender meat is more your thing, Black Smoke is a good alternative. Black Smoke is the creation of Dutch barbecue champion Jord Althuizen, author of many popular barbecue cookbooks. As you make your way through the butcher-style transparent strip curtains, a wonderful world of fire, smoke, and meat awaits. A 14-meter long bar, barbecues left and right, and animal corpses dangling at display in the cold store. Perfect for a private dinner with your meat-loving colleagues - though perhaps not the best choice for vegans.


Franics Scott Fitzgerald once said “Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.” Words to live by, the owners of Restaurant Fitzgerald thought. So they named their restaurant after the famous writer, set up an elaborate wine list, and celebrate his memory in this classy and contemporary restaurant with fantastic wines and good food every day. For private dining, there’s a separate area with a nice interior which can be separated from the restaurant by means of glass sliding doors. So you’re still part of the experience, but in a private and intimate setting. Honor Fitzgerald’s memory and Indulge yourself in this wonderful ambiance.