Industrial Parties or Meetings

Between the Historical Grain Silos

In the middle of the port area, right next to the water, we find the Maassilo. These silos are remnants of when Maassilo was still a grain silo up until the 90s of the previous century. It’s not hard to imagine the ships coming and going to deliver the grain in bygone times. Those hundreds of silos are still in place today, with several rooms for events, exchange fairs, presentations, and meetings above and below them. Host your meeting here, visit a conference, or party between the antique machinery and heavy concrete columns on which 326 massive silos rest.

Look up to sixty meters up

We start our tour at the ground floor with Platform Three, the smallest hall - which actually is not small at all. You’ll find details reminiscent of the history of the Maassilo throughout the entire building, but the history is perhaps most visible here. This is because you see the bottom of some of the massive silos on top of the hall when looking at the ceiling. When opened, the grain would flow down into the hall. If you want to provide your guests with more insights about the history, you can book a tour with a former employee of the grain storage facility as a guide.

Platform Two can be found in the middle between Platform One en Platform Three. Some fun details, such as the huge disco ball on the ceiling and the antique car against the wall, give this room a nice touch. On top of that, you can look up to sixty meters upwards in one of the silos from this hall.

Big enough for any truck

Platform One is the largest space of the entire complex and is the place where all kinds of events can be organized for up to 2.000 people. It is often the place where exchange fairs, conferences, or festivals with food trucks are organized, thanks to the large entrance which is big enough for any truck.

All three large halls on the ground floor have their own entrance, one or multiple bars, and a seperate toilet block. This means you always have an exclusive space. You can get creative with the lighting in all colours to create the right ambiance, without losing the robust, industrial appearance. The Basement, which is almost a thousand square meters, can be used as an extra subspace.

Now&Wow Club

There have been several interesting developments at the Maassilo in recent years. The Now&Wow Club has made a comeback after eleven years on the tenth floor. In addition to the regular club night every Saturday, the three event halls operated by Now&Wow are available for events.

On the tenth floor of Maassilo, three colourful and fully decorated halls wait for us. In the largest hall, 'Now', there are red bunk beds against the wall everywhere which people can use to relax a little. The Now hall is decorated by means of projections and, of course, lighting in many colours. Possibly the most striking and festive space of the Maassilo is the Disko l’Amour hall. There are disco balls hanging from the ceiling everywhere, colourful paintings on the wall, and red couches with soft pillows spread throughout. The perfect ambiance for company drinks or a more intimate party!

Plenty of options

No matter how big or small a group is, there are plenty of options and styles to choose from at the Maassilo. The event managers like to help you realize everything, from catering, decoration, and furniture, to light and sound setup. And they don’t just advise you what the most suitable halls and rooms are for your event, they’re also happy to help you select the right caterer or rent the right furniture or decorations. From a food festival below the grain silos, a company party in disco style in the Now&Wow Club, to a meeting with a fantastic view of Rotterdam: you’ve come to the right place at the Maassilo!


Maashaven Zuidzijde 1,

3081 AE Rotterdam