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Key Player in International Conferences

In the beating heart of Rotterdam, directly along the Coolsingel and in one of the few national monuments the city has, the Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam is a truly unique venue. A small strip of old buildings here narrowly escaped a catastrophic fate during the bombardments of World War II, because the old post office opposite the building was an important strategic point of the occupier. Gracefully, Postillion Hotels has successfully utilized this bizarre twist of fate for many years now. The Rotterdam branch is a popular destination for international parties in particular. All the more, now that Postillion added a brand new hotel with 168 rooms!

Love and respect for the history of the building

Directly upon entering it becomes clear that, though the entire building has been modernized in phases throughout the years, the architect has done his excellent work with lots of love and respect for the history of it. The stately entrance with huge pillars naturally transitions into the entrance hall. A more open and transparent character was an important cornerstone during the recent renovations and that’s evident in the glass walls across the office spaces and lots of natural daylight coming in through large windows. The result: a light, minimalistic and yet warm reception and, moreover, lots of open space.

Space that Postillion Hotels happily utilizes, because the entrance hall of the WTC-building seamlessly flows into the trade floor, which has an equally open character. That open character is emphasized by the beautiful monumental roof, which was completely kept intact. A continuous chain of round windows used to, in bygone days when this building was a grain trade fair, allow an abundance of daylight to showcase the wares. Today, those same windows put the spotlight on the current trade floor – which, with 3500 m2 of floor space, is a dreamy destination for any imaginable fair. It’s no coincidence this space has been the centre of the Marathon of Rotterdam for many years, where participants can collect their racing numbers.

Anything is possible here

Directly accessible from the trade floor is the Rotterdam Hall, the plenary space of the Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam – so it’s highly suitable to be combined with the trade floor for events. The Rotterdam Hall is characterized by a meters-high bent ceiling with the same round windows, though the space is often darkened for events for practical reasons.

With a capacity of 1.200 people, perfect audio-visual facilities such as a massive screen, an actual control room from which the technique is managed and trusses in the high ceiling, anything is possible here. Just last year, between all the corporate conferences, the Dutch National Boxing Championship was held here. It’s the kind of diversity Postillion Hotels is rightfully proud of.

Speaking of diversity: when we have a look at the other 26 (!) event spaces, none of them turn out to be the same. Spread across the building we find the most fantastic spaces, each with their own unique character.

Even just making our way through the halls in this building is a feast for the eye. The hall that leads us to a series of flexible meeting spaces is filled with art objects gracing the walls. Small seats are created here and there, so guests can enjoy the art or take a breath between productive meetings. The décor feels like a museum.

Highly flexible

There are several flexible meeting spaces. All intelligently designed, with easy-to-use, modern plug&play facilities and retractable walls that can link multiple spaces together or separate them. Postillion Hotels does not discriminate regarding events: you could have a meeting here with just five people, or create a huge event for thousands. Postillion Hotels is therefore not just very diverse, they’re also highly flexible.

During our tour, we discover various fantastic spaces; from a board room with design furniture to a conference space with art etched into the walls. Combine several spaces for a main floor with sub sessions, organize an intimate private dinner, or rent out the venue entirely: there are many options. Too many to mention here, but enough to conclude that the possibilities at the Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam are almost infinite.

Signature Hospitality

The boundlessness of the possibilities in the meeting rooms can be seen in the hospitality at Postillion Hotels as well. Hospitality is the top priority across the whole hotel chain and it governs the operations. That motto is reflected in, for example, the friendly receptionist who welcomes all guests personally, the ’15-minute-fix’ policy which holds the promise that any problem will be solved within fifteen minutes, the inhouse technique personnel which supports productions, and so on. It’s no surprise, then, the Postillion Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam has managed to obtain some high-profile clients as repeat customers.

A fantastic venue in the beating heart of Rotterdam, a beautiful monumental building, a parking tower, easy accessibility, diversity, flexibility and hospitality which knows no bounds. On top of that, the hotel wing; which has added 168 hotel rooms to the package last year. A leading destination for international conferences is born!


Beursplein 37,

3011 AA Rotterdam

(+31)10 205 4423