Unprecedented Possibilities for Events in Authentic Industrial Heritage

DeFabrique was among the first big industrial conversion projects at the turn of the century. The venue managed to grow quickly into one of the most highly sought after event venues due to the management, an experienced team and many innovations. At DeFabrique, you’re certain you don’t just organize an event, you organize an experience.

Sheds, Silo's & Warehouses

A key factor to the success of DeFabrique is its location: strategically situated in the heart of the country and close to the railway, the highway and the water.

Because of these excellent logistics, the factory complex could flourish even way before it became an event venue. The former linseed oil and compound feed manufacturer grew from 1921 to 1996, adding new parts to the site throughout the years. Today, the event venue covers this entire ground, including all the sheds, silos and warehouses.

The drive to restore this industrial heritage using as many of the present materials as possible resulted into a beautiful event complex that’s brimming with character, but the result of this vision is much more than a tribute to the industrial past. The lay-out of the complex was altered to support the new purpose of the complex as event venue. New entrances were sawed into the robust, concrete walls, allowing the different parts of the complex to be used in dozens of ways.

Creative Kitchen

Not just the venue itself, but the catering too matches the décor perfectly. DeFabrique takes care of delicious dishes and drinks with a twist. Gazpacho in a test tube, cream cheese that’s spouted on a Spanish tostado with a caulk gun, a lunch that’s brought in on a rolling scaffold, or dishes that come rolling in on a conveyor belt; the creative kitchen team keeps coming up with new and original ways to present food and beverages in a surprising and thematic fashion.

If you organize your event here, you can be sure DeFabrique will show initiative and take responsibility. From years of experience and extensive knowledge in and of the corporate event industry, the team advises about the concept, the preparation, production and realization of the event. The success of your event is guaranteed!

Sustainability as Primary Principle

Following the decision to restore the factory grounds to their former glory and realize a new purpose for the factory, many other sustainable steps followed.

The factory today runs entirely on green power that comes in part from the 334 solar panels on the roof, all spaces have been fitted with led lighting, the grounds are kept clean with sustainable cleaning products, and products are purchased only from local (organic) suppliers. By doing so, DeFabrique allows you to choose a sustainable event, without sacrificing quality.

Event Venue Full of Character

Contrary to many other industrial venues, all spaces in DeFabrique provide a basic setup. Most spaces are already decorated with a matching, attractive industrial interior, so they’re pretty much good to go for any great event. Other parts of DeFabrique are less decorated and offer room for creativity, allowing you to create completely personalized, spectacular events.

DeFabrique consists of over 20 distinctive spaces that allow for variation, all suitable to be used individually or as a whole, thanks to the smart lay-out. Every part has its own entrance and parking opportunities, plenary space, sub-spaces and toilets. Because all these parts can function as complete, autonomic event spaces, multiple events can take place at the same time at DeFabrique. And because of the combination of big spaces and sub-spaces, every event has a perfectly matching space.

(Copra Warehouse)

The Copraloods is the largest space of the complex and with the imposing wood peaked roof, that’s reminiscent of a ship’s hold, it’s a real eyecatcher. Whether you want to organize a sitting dinner for 250 guests, a congress for 1000 guests or a large fair, the Copraloods offers the right setting for any imaginable event.

(Press Room)

In the Perserij, a breath-taking plenary space is combined with many sub-spaces. The ceiling here is an impressive 14 meters high, with a mezzanine and stairs that seem to eternally zigzag their way up. The stairs aren’t just decorative; they lead to four special sub-spaces. You could have a workshop or other sub-session in the Douchelokaal (Shower Room), where, in past times, factory workers would fresh up before they returned home after a long shift.

(Calf Milk Factory)

The Kalvermelkfabriek consists of 9 linked spaces with high windows and lots of daylight. Original silos, parts of machinery and a decoration with vintage furniture – made from rest materials from the factory – make the Kalvermelkfabriek into a pleasant space for corporate festivals, but also fairs and congresses.


The latest addition to DeFabrique is the Smederij, opened in 2018. This former forgery is decorated as a multifunctional presentation space with multiple sub-spaces, for congresses up to 140 people and parties up to 280 people. All spaces in this location have large windows that allow much daylight to come in. This location has its own private terrace, so you can have a meeting here with your party and finish the day with a drink in the sun.


Westkanaaldijk 7,

3542 DA Utrecht