Dozens of venues come and go every year and we always keep our head on a swivel to stay up-to-date about the goings-on in location land. Utrecht is no exception. Ideally situated in the heart of the country and well connected to all the main roads and other modes of transport, there’s always a lot going on in this part of the country. Can’t keep up? We’ve got you covered. Below are some of the latest and greatest brand new (or restyled) additions to the province of Utrecht.


The wildly successful location DeFabrique, a massive industrial complex converted to event venue in Utrecht, observed an increasing demand for smaller events and meetings at their venue. Though they're perfectly capable of hosting smaller and more intimate events, they figured they’d do it right and just start a whole new venue from the ground up to meet the demand for smaller events. DUS was born. A meeting playground for teams ‘that want to get their shit [sic] done’. Enjoy the view of the passing boats over the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, chill in a hammock, or play some ball with your team. And, maybe, when the mood strikes you, get some work done as well.


The Inntel Hotel chain is rightfully proud of their latest addition: the Inntel Hotel Utrecht. Right next to Utrecht Central Station, the large and busiest transport hub of the Netherlands, this 11-floor hotel boasts 162 hotel rooms, a spa with pool, a fitness room and, on top of that: 5 magnificent meeting and event rooms at the top floor. Truly rooms with a view, looking out over Utrecht and its historic city centre. Ideal for international event planners who always seek venues with overnight stay possibilities included or in the vicinity. Though the meeting spaces can be booked separately, the smart lay-out also allows the spaces to be linked to each other, increasing the capacity to 120 people for a presentation or congress. Book your meetings here and take them to a higher level.


This out-of-the-way gem that’s still perfectly accessible is best described as a country estate for events. It’s surrounded by water, forest, popular cycling roads and acres and acres of farmlands. Buitenplaats Kameryck has been a popular destination for corporate and family events for many years. So popular, in fact, that the location outgrew itself. To meet the ever-increasing demand for events at their venue, management decided to expand and give their location a facelift in the process. The result: a fantastically situated event venue to really ‘get away from it all’, with all modern facilities required for modern events present, and a kitchen that uses homegrown products to serve you fantastic dishes. Don’t miss out on this gem.


This brand new hotspot in Utrecht resides in the former Douwe Egberts offices – the Dutch leading coffee manufacturer. The name ‘De Blend’ is a nod towards that former purpose of the building, but it also accurately describes the new purpose of the building: a blend of functions, users and activities. At De Blend, you can ‘Eat, Work, Sleep, Meet’ (Repeat?). The building has a restaurant, offices, meeting places, spaces for events, and a restaurant. All in a wonderfully restored building that offers a homely feeling with warm wood and copper tones and some great details that are reminiscent of its history.


Built in 1915 by order a of a rich business man with an interest in exotic plants, the Wintertuin Experience Baarn is a botanical greenhouse that has recently been transformed into an event venue. The owners had to overcome some challenges to make the glass botanical greenhouse suitable for events, but the result is magnificent: Not only is the greenhouse available for meetings and events, it also has a tearoom (where you can host a fantastic High Tea), a beautiful terrace with a view of the surrounding garden, and escape rooms. Yes, the world’s first escape room in a glass greenhouse, fully immersed in the theme of botanical gardens, with exotic plants and bizarre instruments. Successfully completing this escape room has an incredible prize: the life elixir that offers eternal youth. Your mileage may vary.


This former farmhouse, built in 1867, was recently completely renovated and given a new purpose: A destination for events and weddings. During the restoration, much attention was paid to preserving the authentic and historic details that you may expect from 150+ years of farm history. Without sacrificing this rich history, some changes were made to facilitate modern events. The characteristic low ceiling in the farmhouse was raised, walls were insulated, the building was fitted with all the necessary technical facilities, and some light elements were added to the interior. The authentic, rustic décor, combined with all the necessities, provide an excellent setting for smaller corporate events and wedding days alike.


We already got a taste from Creative Valley’s approach to meetings and events at their first venue, the Pavilion, and it left us wanting more. Following the success of said venue, Creative Valley expanded their catalogue, called Collectiv, with another location: a wonderful bundle of impressive meeting and event spaces, right next to Utrecht Central Station. Situated in a big building which combines high-end apartments, office spaces, and the aforementioned event spaces – all in a very classy, stylish and inspiring ambiance. And it’s all right next to the biggest transport hub of the country. What more could you possibly need?