The metropolitan city of Amsterdam, with a rich tradition of national and international meetings and events, is always on the move. As venue-experts and enthusiasts, it’s our duty to keep you informed about all the latest additions and restyles of locations. So we scour the streets looking for that brand new venue, browse the web daily to stay up-to-date about all the goings-on in location land, and report back to you in our Brand New & Restyled update.


This fantastic venue resides in a monumental building, built in 1920 and restored to its former glory during a large renovation. Its rich history was kept intact with the preservation of authentic elements, but it was fitted with all the necessary modern equipment to cater to the needs of modern events. Het Sieraad offers four unique and equally inspiring event spaces, the most impressive of which is the Atrium: an incredible courtyard which features a massive 16-meter high glass roof. A change of ownership this year (it’s now led by venue collective De Artiesten, well-known from some unique locations such as the TOBACCO Theatre) has resulted in an overhaul of the restaurant, which is now led by award-winning chef Dennis Huwaë. Dennis has made the restaurant, Edel by Dennis, his personal playground to present the most incredible dishes. A must-visit for venue enthusiasts and foodies alike.


One of the largest cinemas in Amsterdam, Pathé de Munt, is a leading destination for cinema-goers in the capital. What not everyone knows is the fact that this cinema is also a highly popular destination for business events. When you think about, it makes sense: its ideal situation right in the city centre, its excellent audio-visual facilities and the large amount of seats and space all make it very suitable for corporate congresses, fairs and meetings. This year, some necessary alterations to all the foyers and rooms were made to modernize the building, and a new food and beverage concept was introduced. Pathé de Munt offers a rare opportunity to take your event to the silver screen.


The Hembrugterrein, situated right on the border between Amsterdam and Zaandam, is a monumental industrial site and former home of the artillery division of the Dutch military. Since its repurposing in 2011, artists have taken residence in some of the monumental buildings on the vast terrain, creating a hotspot for culture, art and events. Though the terrain was put up for sale by the municipality and bought by a new owner in 2017, the initial plans to build houses on it was, thankfully, abandoned. So the Hembrugterrein can continue to ceaselessly amaze us with their constant additions of rugged and raw repurposed industrial buildings. The latest addition, The HEM, is a massive former munitions factory converted to a cultural centre, offering exhibitions and daring experimental art. With their loose and free-spirited approach to events, the HEM is also available for any kind of event imaginable in an exciting and provoking setting.


Purists may argue this venue belongs in our traditional Hidden Gems article – due to its secluded location on a maintenance yard from Dutch public transport company GVB – but it also happens to be brand new. As a maintenance yard in the small port of GVB Ferries, this area usually has its gates closed for outsiders. Those gates are now welcomingly opened for anyone who wants to host a meeting in a truly different setting: in an old ferry house. Now, looking out over the surrounding water, you can host your company dinner, drinks, meeting or party here in either one of the houses. Or combine them and use the permanent tent outside to absorb the fantastic view. If you really want to do it right, take the ferry to bring your company to the ferry house in style.