The Whole Package, and Then Some

Rising from the ground rapidly is the brand new Postillion Hotel in Amsterdam, set to open the 5th of November this year. The new hotel is being built in the Amsterdam Overamstel area, right across the already opened Postillion Convention Centre – and when we say right across, we mean you could do a barrel roll from door to door without getting dizzy. When the hotel is done, Postillion offers one of the most complete international meeting and event packages available in the Amsterdam area.

Postillion Hotel Amsterdam

Postillion has branches throughout the Netherlands and offers meeting and event spaces at almost every hotel. Most of those hotels are mid-sized, nothing excessive, but this time Postillion has decided to go all out. The combination of the Convention Centre and the soon-to-open hotel will offer 252 smart hotel rooms, 31 meeting rooms varying in size, a large conference room with a capacity of 1200 people, two restaurants, a hotel bar, fitness facilities, flexible workspaces and so much more. By offering the whole package, Postillion has a very clear goal: meeting the ever-growing demand for international business events in Amsterdam.

Reinventing hospitality

What Postillion really pride themselves in – as is evident from the slogan of their marketing campaign ‘Use us, we love it’ – is their flexibility and high degree of service. The limits of your meeting are your imagination. Would you like ten Fatboys, champagne on ice, a boombox and a dance crew at your meeting? No problem. Or would you rather have the conference room all to yourself, with nothing but a jacuzzi right in the middle and some smooth jazz in the background? You ask, Postillion delivers.

But offering the whole package in such an elegant setting still isn’t quite enough for Postillion. In their efforts to reinvent hospitality and innovate the industry, Postillion introduces a bunch of smart ideas to make life easier for clients and guests alike. Because, let’s face it, attending a four hour seminar or two day conference can be as exhilarating as it can be exhausting.

Brain breaks

Postillion proposes a very simple yet highly effective solution: Brain Breaks. By taking everyone out of their chair and share a physical activity, the brain is reinvigorated. Postillion offers a whole package of fantastic Brain Breaks to complement your meeting: get out of your comfort zone and go ham in a traditional Haka war dance, or, conversely, find some inner peace during a yoga session. Set your coworkers off in a fit of the giggles by making the most creative balloon animal, or take a Brass Break and put your musical abilities to the test.

Following that train of thought, Postillion introduces another great way to help make meetings more efficient: Brain Food. Postillion has set up a comprehensive menu of food and drinks that are nutritious and offer a good balance in energizers and good meals. Think of coconut macaroon, carrot walnut cake or a pumpkin sesame cracker. They’re not just healthy brain foods, they’re actually delicious as well.

Postillion is working hard to find new ways to approach the meetings and event industry, but moreover: Postillion works hard for you. If you want to find out just how far they’ll go to make you happy, challenge them with your deepest desire and make your wildest dreams come true.


Paul van Vlissingenstraat 8,
1096 BK Amsterdam

The Postillion Hotel Amsterdam is being built in the Amsterdam Overamstel area, right across the already opened Postillion Convention Centre. It's just a 3-minute walk to Postillion Hotel Amsterdam from Overamstel underground station. The venue is mere minutes away from the A10 motorway and there is ample parking on site.